About us

ElectroNite.eu is one of the most developed online stores in Europe that is offering everything for charging electrical vehicles EV and hybrid plug-in. In our offer we have wall mounted chargers or so-called Wallboxes with a power of 7,3/11/22kw as well as portable chargers with different charging powers and one- and three-phases options. We also provide connection cables for public charging points 16/32A (or house chargers with Type1/Type2 power sockets). Moreover, we provide all accessories, posts, sockets, and plugs for independent electricians.
Our headquarters and warehouse are located in Poznan, Poland which allows fast distribution within Europe and Poland. All customers are welcome to come and test the charger before the purchase.

Our warehouse
ElectroNite.eu is selling only original products with safety certificates that are authorized in the EY and TUV. We are offering around 30 products that are a permanent part of our offer, we can respond to every order that will be delivered to your door within 48h in EU or 24h in Poland.

Our experts will advise you
Purchase of a charger can turn out to be ‘’a difficult choice’, not everyone has enough knowledge to know which model, with what power and which plug should be purchases. We are here to help you and give you an advice.

Team ElectroNite.eu

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