Portable charger BESEN 7,3kw, 32A

52.39 netto (64.44 brutto)

– 2 years of warranty from the Polish distributor
– Maximum amperage 32A
– Number of phases: 1 phase
– Power: 7,3kw
– Cable length: 5m
– LCD screen
– 5 pin CCE red power plug


Examples of charging time of the most popular cars with the use of BESEN 32A 7.3kw or Wallbox 7.3kw from 10 up to 80% of the battery capacity.

Tesla S/X/3 75: 7,5h
Tesla S/X/3 90: 9h
Nissan Leaf I / BMW I3 33kwh: 3h
Nissan Leaf II /BMW IS 41kwh: 4h
VW E-Golf: 3h
Hyundai IONIQ Electric: 3h

Plug-in Hybrids
It takes 2h to charge most of the hybrids from the sockets because their batteries do not exceed the capacity of 10-13kwh, for example, BMW 3/5, VW Passat GTE etc.


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